Topographical survey Projects

The following is the list of all Topographical survey projects:

2005 Topographical Survey for Riara Schools Drainage system    Nairobi           Riara schools
2006 Topographical Survey for University Land Elmentaita        Assumption Sisters of  Nairobi
2007 Engineering survey during Construction of
living tents Quarters for UN military                        
South Sudan Unity Resource Group
2011 Topographical/Setting out  Survey for Tigoni Homes  Tigoni                       Roskan Inv. Ltd
2009 Seychelles International Airport VOR Toposurvey Seychelles IATA
2010 Proposed 381 unit housing scheme Mombasa Road Athi River                      Tianyi LYD
2010 Nextgen Parky Nairobi                       Nextgen Office Suites
2010 Kipi Homes (160 Units) Athi River                      Kipi Homes LTD