About Us


The firm of Toplands Engineering Surveys was established and registered in 1993. The firm with its skilled team of Associate Surveyors, cartographers, photogrammetrists has a wide range of experience in offering comprehensive consultancy services on land from individual plots to large scale projects to the satisfaction of our client needs. The firm is based in Nairobi, Kenya and offers consultancy in Topographical , Engineering and Construction Surveys not only within the country but also within the East African region.

Our Vision

To offer land survey related services with the utmost sense of professionalism with the use of the most advanced technology that saves on time. We endeavor to produce detailed, precise and swift surveys for our clients at a cost effective fee.

Services Offered

The following specialized services are offered:-

    >> Advice on clients on land use before and during developments there on.
    >> Topographical surveys for construction development from individual plots to large scale projects.
    >> Engineering Surveys for roads and other civil works like water pipelines, drainage and sewerage routes e.t.c.
    >> Construction surveys for housing and commercial development